About DDI Performance Auto Repair Tucson, AZ

The DDI Auto Repair Tucson, AZ difference.

Having been almost all word of mouth for 16 years, we have seen too many people overcharged by mechanics. Oftentimes easy jobs turn into expensive jobs at dealerships.

We offer the same quality auto repair and insurance that they do for most times half the cost. Most businesses that are large corporations that are not a small business with low overhead like us, are able to transfer our savings to you.

Half the Cost of Most Mechanics in Tucson

We charge a flat $75 dollar an hour rate for service. We currently only markup 25% on our parts, in that case. This is still a far cry from the outrageous 100% markups many shops charge.

It’s Personal to Us

You are dealing directly with the mechanic and owner. We don’t have the front counter or waiting area, so if you are leaving your car with us, we will give you are ride where you need to go and pick you up. (Within reason. In that case, we will be happy to call a car for you.)

The mechanics at DDI like to get to know the driver. We maintain the car for the conditions in Tucson beyond just the factory standard. We know you are driving in town averaging 20 mph with stop and go conditions. That is why we get the best quality brakes. We know you will be idling much of the time with your air conditioner on, that is why we get the highest quality thermostats, radiators, pumps and etc.

Parts Network

DDI has access to a world wide network of parts dealers, beyond just Googling for your part. So whether what you’re looking for is in Phoenix or Turkey, we can get our hands on it. Come experience the savings and high quality auto repair in Tucson at DDI Performance Auto.

Our Service Area

DDI Auto Repair Tucson straddles the line of multiple zip codes, so it’s difficult to describe us by zip or neighborhood. Some would call us Midtown Tucson, Other may call it North Side Tucson. We are right on the line of 85716, 85719, 85712 and 85718. Just south of the Foothills.

DDI Auto Repair is only 2 miles from the University of Arizona. The Richland Heights West and Mountain View Neighborhoods are close by to us as well.

DDI Auto Repair is only 3 miles from the Catalina Foothills. The Saint Philip’s Plaza and Hillcrest Estates, Serenidad, Casita Blanca Neighborhoods.

And DDI Auto Repair is directly down the street from the St. Francis Cabrini, La Madera, Glenn/Grant, and the St. Francis Cabrini neighborhoods.

DDI Auto Repair is very close to Winterhaven, as well.

Our History

Since 2000, we have been near Country Club and Prince

Call us First

It’s not your traditional shop. We don’t have a waiting area perse, but we will gladly come pick up your vehicle and even bring it back to you when we’re done. Just call us first, please.

Our dogs don’t bite. They are just very happy to see you and will be glad to greet you with dirt all over and love.

our dogs playing

Our Team

Doug The Marine
Kenny G- Not not “that” Kenny G
Larry The Wizard